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February 8, 2008

Romeo and the Black Brothers

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Romeo and the Black BrothersRomeo and the Black Brothers is an anime for children based on the novel Die Schwarzen Brüder written in 1941 by Kurt Held. Basically about the life of a boy named Romeo, who was sold to a chimney sweep and learned the trade. He encounters Alferdo, a boy that sold himself to the chimney sweep so his younger sister can stay at a safe place. While he’s in Milan he makes many friends that were boys also sold and they call themselves the Black Brothers due to the soot that covers their faces and are lead by Alfredo. Romeo goes along with his life and helps a lot of people along the way. Nearing the end of the show, Romeo helps Alfredo save him and his sister, Bianca, from the grasp of his evil aunt and uncle. Although Bianca is safe at the end, Alfredo dies of tuberculosis. Of course the anime must end with a happily ever after, so Romeo finishes his end of the deal and goes home at the beginning of spring. The after ten years she becomes a teacher as a promise to Alfredo where all children can learn and marries Bianca who’s become a nurse. They have a child and names him Alfredo.


January 25, 2008

Hayate to Gotoku or Hayate the Combat Butler

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Hayate no GotokuAyasaki Hayate, our main character, is possibly the most unlucky person in the world. At the young age of 16, his parents are unemployed and they claim that they aren’t wasting money but investing on their dreams. So even though Hayate is not allowed to work, due to the age limit law in Japan, he still works his butt off just to get food on the table. Well, that is until his boss finds out he’s underage and fires him. Then he says possibly the worst thing Hayate has heard in all his life: his boss gave his paycheck to his parents. Obviously, his parents have already gambled away all of it. So Hayate ends up going home with no food, no parents, and no savings. What’s even worse, his parents left him a “Christmas Gift” in an envelope. What was in the envelope almost killed Hayate. It was an I.O.U. for 156,804,000 yen. And in order to pay the money that they borrowed from very “generous” people, they sold Hayate’s organs. So obviously Hayate runs away with only the few yen he has when the very generous people pay him a visit. Out running the men, Hayate rests at a local park where he meets our second protagonist: Sanzenin Nagi, which is seen trying to buy a warm drink from a vending machine, while wearing a sleeve less skirt in the middle of Christmas Eve. He then decided to attempt to kidnap her and ask for 150 million yen as ransom. But then he sees two guys harassing her and saves her from them. Then he buys her a drink with the last of his money and lends her his jacket. So then as a token of her thanks, Nagi offers to do Hayate a favor. Then Hayate gets on with his kidnapping scheme which turns out to be backwards, because he used words like: “Go out with me”, “I want you”, and “the moment I saw you, I decided to take you away.” And so, because of the wrong choice of words the two’s relationship becomes really complicated. Nagi thinks Hayate just confessed to her, while Hayate just really wants to pay off his debt to the loan sharks. Nagi then easily gives Hayate her home number. He tells her wait “right there” as he gets to a near by pay phone to call the number. While Nagi then gets kidnapped “again” by people that owe money to the same loan sharks that are after Hayate. Hayate fails his ransom call because he gave away his name, and on his way to Nagi he trips and the extremely last of his money literally goes down the drain. Then he thinks to himself: since working diligently nor being evil works, I might as well just fall asleep on the snow and die, but then even this fails as he is saved by out main side character: Maria. Then they see Nagi really getting kidnapped and Hayate asks for Maria’s bike and goes after her. In the car Nagi cries out Hayate and he comes to her rescue. At a turn of events he jumps onto the moving car’s hood and makes a scary face at the kidnappers saying: give her back. So then the police arrive and Nagi says that she’ll repay him by granting a favor. Hayate then asks for a new job right before fainting on the snow in front of Nagi. Maria then arrives on the scene and a helicopter arrives and picks the three up. Hayate wakes up at the Sanzenin manor and Nagi offers him the job of being her butler. Well, that’s just the summary of the first episode and a little of the second.

This anime is labeled: the most random anime series. It has almost no seriousness at all. If there is it’s most likely something extremely mediocre or small. It has a lot of censored images although it’s not nude or anything rated R. Beeping in between lines is also very normal, but it isn’t cuss words of any extent. It also “steals” a lot of refrences to other popular anime like YuGiOh, DBZ, Beyblade, Detective Conan, and so forth. Anyways it’s just extremely random and just fine for young children to watch.

January 21, 2008

Uchiha Madara: The man behind it all

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Uchiha Brothers’ FightThe second chapter of Itachi and Sasuke’s fight reveals the existence of Uchiha Madara, on of the founding father’s of Konoha and the very first person to awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan, Itachi’s accomplice in the murder of the Uchiha clan, an immortal being, one with such evil chakra that even the Kyuubi obeyed his every whim. Uchiha Madara, one who was so sinister, can he really still be alive? Is he a member of the Akatsuki?

Once I’ve started talking about Uchiha Madara I begin to talk about Tobi, the Akatsuki’s newest recruit. He appears as just a little boy that’s not serious about anything. But even Pein won’t stand up against him. Pien, the very leader of the Akatsuki. This has lead to a theory that Uchiha Madara and Tobi are really the same person. If that is the case, Naruto and the rest of the world might just be in peril. Will their world walk into a darker scenery? Oh, and what is the secret of the Sharingan Eyes? And for heaven’s sake, why does this anime have so many mysteries?!

January 20, 2008

Ouran High Host Club

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Ouran AcademyOuran Academy. A prestigious school specially for the wealthy children of many wealthy families. In it there exists a club of rich handsome men that take time off and host rich women and make a profit off of them. Well, one day the famous Host Club gets an unexpected visitor, our protaganist: Fujioka Haruhi, just a normal commoner. Haruhi’s first day of the school year, ends up in debt. Haruhi entered the 3rd music room and finds in it the Host Club. Out on a whim Haruhi ends up breaking a Rene vase which was going for an auction that was worth 8,ooo,ooo yen. Haruhi is then dubbed the dog of the Club and has to do chores and pay off the debt. After another turn of events, Haruhi is then promoted as the “natural rookie” of the host club. At that time she is found out to be a female, instead of a male which she appeared to be.

But in order to pay off her debt quickly as a host (instead of a maid) she must keep her gender hidden. The host club members are as follows: Host Club (starting from the left) Morinozuka Takashi (Mori for short. Third year), Haninozuka Mitsukuni (Hani/ Honey for short. Amazingly a third year.), Fujioka Haruhi (First year), the Hitachin brothers Hikaru and Kaoru (First years), Suou Tamaki (Second year. The stupid president), and Otori Kyoya (Second year. Dubbed the evil lord for his skill at keeping track of money and low blood pressure problems in the morning). Living a high school life with these 6 rather hyper people (only when they are together though) proves hard for Haruhi, but she overcomes each trial as she reaches for her dream of becoming a lawyer like her late mother. Love relationship start to occur in each of the members’ hearts as they become closer and closer to the cute Haruhi. But who will she choose?

January 18, 2008

Spice and Wolf

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Spice and Wolf The story revolves around a 25 year old peddler named Craft Lawrence going from town to town buying and selling things to make enough money to start a shop of his own and a 250 year old pagan wolf-deity named Horo. The story is based more on real life economics than on legends. When we first meet Horo, she introduces herself as the town’s goddess of harvest and has always blessed the town with a good harvest of wheat every year. Although she has a responsibility to watch over the town, she really yearns to go back to her homeland up north. She claimed that the villager’s have forsaken her anyways and her joins Lawrence on his journey. Horo looks like a normal 15 year old girl except that she has ears and a tail. She has a very… immodest character, because when she alone with Lawrence she would go around naked. Well, I guess that also because she’s a wolf and isn’t used to wearing clothing. To keep suspicion at a level, Lawrence lies about Horo and calls her his wife often. This is about the limit of my knowledge of this story so far, but it is quiet interesting just to see how a wolf and a human can travel together on a journey and what the journey itself brings about them. The story is much like a folktale and at a time when the church was still very powerful.

January 17, 2008

Death Note Anime vs. Death Note Drama

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Death Note (anime)vs.Death Note (drama)

I’ve started watching Death Note again and then decided to watch the live drama version of it. (If you don’t know the story board of this story, please look it up at wikipedia. It’s far to long to write down.) I found an enormous difference between the two. First, I would like to say that the drama Light… looks completely like the nerd he is, and the actors eyes don’t look as evil as they could have been. On the other hand, L looks… like L. I love the way his actor captures L’s “enthusiasm.” But what really shocks me, is that the actor did not get fat from eating sweets in almost every single scene he’s in. The drama lacks two characters that are quiet important after the death of L in the anime: Near and Mello. I figured that out when the drama L was biting a chuck off a chocolate bar, which was Mello’s “signature” as you might say, since L, Near, and Mello all have strange habits they do while investigating cases.

Even with the absence of Near and Mello, that story continued. During the confinement of  Misa and Light in the drama, the Death Note that belonged to Misa was handed to a newscaster on Sakura TV instead of a chairman from Yotsuba. I guess the reason that Yotsuba didn’t exist in the drama was because the whole thing would make the movie much too long and complicated. But at then end, the “3rd Kira” was still killed by Light which manifested his memories of the Death Note once he touched it. At the very end of the drama Watari did die, but Yagami Sourichiro did not die as in the anime. The thing that made me really happy about the ending of the drama was that L was still alive to capture Kira which as Yagami Light, but he only had 20 days left to live. Although I prefer the drama over the anime, the anime is still quiet interesting and closer to the original version of the manga.

January 15, 2008

The awaited moment in Naruto fan history: The Showdown between Sasuke and Itachi!

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Uchiha Brothers’ Fight

Finally the wait is over for fans of Sasuke and Itachi. Upon the summoning of Sasuke by Itachi, the two brothers finally meet in the old abandoned Uchiha hideout. This is one very exciting, blood boiling, thrilling, stimulating, electrifying, exhilarating, hell of a fight. At first it seems as if they two brothers are evenly matched, but then Itachi seems to take the lead with genjustu. But then Sasuke tricks Itachi with a genjutsu of his own. Unfortunately the chapter ends just a little too quickly with Itachi at the end of the rope and the readers anticipating the question that Sasuke wants to ask. Actually, I’m going to stop trying to explain it to you. Just read it at

January 14, 2008

Hatenkou Yuugi

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Hatenkoy YuugiHatenkou Yuugi is quiet interesting. It defiantly deserves more looking into. It starts with our main character, Razeru, suddenly getting kicked out of her house by her father. Then she decides that the only thing to do is to go on a journey. So she’s just wandering around and then she sees this guy, Aruzeid, holding a gun at someone’s head. Razeru catches Aruzeid’s attention and the guy so free. Razeru then promises Aruzeid that she’ll make his life interesting. So they start on a journey together. The plot is very unsure right now, but I think they go around exorcising ghosts.  The plot of the first episode is kind of like the plot of the Corpse Bride, where there’s this pretty girl that dies while waiting for her love that promises to elope with her. So Razeru and Aruzeid took this job to get rid of this ghost. They find out that there employer is the “lover” of the girl, so they try to get the ghost to cross over without force. The story kind of goes a little too fast for the most part, but it is pretty good.

January 12, 2008

The end of Elemental Gelade

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Elemetal Gelade FinMy opinion of the end of Elemental Gelade can be simplified into one word: cheesy. It’s the typical “Happily Ever After” ending. So, basically the Chaos Choir wants Ren to become their queen, because the last queen, Eve, has ran out of power. They manage to capture Ren. At this time, the Arc Aile and the Chaos Choir are at war. In the midst of the battle, Coud and his companions: Cisqua, Rowen, and Kuea, manage to get to the Garden of Eden, which is the HQ of the Chaos Choir. When they got there, the Chaos Choir persuades Ren to become their queen and sit on the throne, promising to end the war (by which they mean to wipe out the Guardians and start anew with only Eden Raids). So this boring battle goes on and Coud dies and falls to an abyss. So they after everyone thought that Coud was dead, Cisqua and Company decides the best way to end things was to seal Ren. But then Coud appears in the nick of time, Eve had used the last of her powers to revive Coud, but the this is, Ren and Coud’s contract was broken because he died once. But Ren changes her mind about being queen and wants to be with Coud forever. This caused problems for the Chaos Choir, so they react with Ren and force her to attack everyone. So once again a tedious battle begins, and then Coud sings a song with Ren that breaks all the contracts between any Eden Raid, Sting Raid, and human. So then the Chaos Choir submits to the Arc Aile, and a treaty was formed. Coud rejoins his thief gang with Ren. And there is your happily ever after. The End

January 10, 2008

Manjin Tantei Nogami Neuro

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Manjin Tantei Nogami Neuro Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro… probably one of the longest anime and manga titles you’ll every see. Anyways, for those of you that know Detective Conan, you’ll love this one. It revolves around the life of a young high school girl, Katsuragi Yako, after her father’s death. The police that inspected her father’s case said that it was a suicide, because the only door and window was locked from the inside. But Yako suspects otherwise. One day, while mourning over her father shrine, Nogami Neuro appears before her. He’s a monster from the Demon World, and feasts on mysteries and riddles and yearns to eat the ultimate mystery. He has ate all the mysteries in the Demon World, and would starve if he doesn’t eat, so he came to Earth. Then he shows up in front of Yako and promises her that he’d eat her father’s mystery in return she has to become his servant. Since monsters must keep a low profile while “above ground”, so he makes Yako into an private eye prodigy detective while he acts at her assistant when he’s really doing all the work.

Along with a impeccable talent for solving mysteries, Neuro has the ability to use 777 weapons of the Demon World, which gives him an upper hand and able to solve the mysteries right at the scene. Besides that, he still needs Yako and Godai, another “loyal servant” of his.

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